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Enhance Low Seat Height 22" Unisex Electric Bike

  • Model: 70
  • Stock: In Available
  • $98.00


Enhance Low Seat Height 22" Unisex Electric Bike


Finished in gloss white with French metallic blue mudguards this electric bike certainly looks far more expensive than it's selling price. It's powered by a 36 Volt 8ah lead acid battery and range will vary from typical 8-10 miles without assistance, to approx 20 miles with pedalling. A simple battery indicator fitted to the handlebar relays exactly how much battery power is left to use.

A clever feature on this model is that the seat flips forward which allows for quick removal of the battery with minimum fuss. A removable key also locks the battery to your machine to prevent theft.

The front LED light is controlled from a switch on the handlebars, as too is the horn. 

There are three cycling modes. Full electric, simply twist the throttle and go. Pedal assist where the rider pedals and the electric motor also propels, and also non assisted normal cycling.

If you're looking for an entry level electric bike with a low seat height then this is the ideal bike electric bike for you. 



  • Motor: 250 Watt
  • Frame: Steel
  • Battery: 36V-8ah Lead acid
  • Wheel size: 22 Inch
  • Meter type: Simple battery meter
  • Brakes: Front V-brake - Rear drum brake
  • Throttle: Twistgrip
  • Seat height: Lowest 80cm. Highest 92cm
  • Lights: Front LED
  • Assisted: Upto 14m / 24km
  • Non assisted: Upto 7m / 12km
  • Warranty: 12 Months
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